Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Private Sessions with Paingate and Flexislave Model Alex

Book your private BDSM session with me (Alex) in Frankfurt/Main

My name is Alex, and I am well-known in spanking circles in central Europe. You can see me on various websites, including these: FlexiSlave and Paingate
I usually visit UK in the first week of each month, stay in North London, and am interested in meeting people who will appreciate my fine mind, superb body, and veryspankable bottom!
I have a keen interest in spanking and submission, as well as other unusual kinds of human behaviour.
My body is in superb shape, and I keep it that way with daily exercises. You can see the results in my especially firm, well-toned, and very shapely posterior.
I am university-educated; I speak excellent English (for a foreigner!); I enjoy most of the things that civilised people enjoy, and I am 5' 7" tall.

But above all, I love to play out submissive fantasies (yours or mine), and if they include hard corporal punishment applied to my magnificent arse, so much the better!  I also switch if you need punishing.

I am very down-to-earth, friendly, and approachable. If you'd like to meet, or just chat in the first instance, drop me an email and we can take it from there.

Send me a message: flexislave@gmail.com

Fees are negotiable, in the region of £300 for two hours of serious spanking.  Caning MAY be possible, depending on what else I have planned.  Otherwise, straps, paddles, etc. are fine.

Please note that I do not offer sexual services of any kind.

I am available for 

bdsm roleplay, bondage and spanking games, 

also for clip productions

contact: flexislave@gmail.com

bdsm model and paingate star Alex

Note: I do not provide any intimate or sexual contact

For sessions in Frankfurt/Main I provide a perfectly equipped dungeon and film studio

Note: I do not provide any intimate or sexual contact

For prices tell me what you like to do

Paingate bdsm model Alex

Paingate model Alex available for private sessions

You want to book private session? 
Send me a message: flexislave@gmail.com

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Flexible BDSM Model Alex (Paingate Star): first whipping (trailer)

Busty BDSM Models   Skinny and sporty BDSM Models  Skinny and busty BDSM Models 

BDSM Model Alex 

BDSM Model Alex whipped

Long before Alex became a Paingate BDSM Star she tried first time bondage and whipping
BDSM Model Alex first time tied, gagged and whipped hard

BDSM Model Alex 


Real masochist Alex loves to get her amazing butt whipped brutally

BDSM Model Alex first time tied, gagged and whipped hard and splashed with freezing cold water

Free trailer: